Pip Davenport - An imaginary biography.

World famous inventor Pip Davenport was born on the 4th January 1850 into a poor family in the little town of Slewsbury on the outskirts of London. He then made it his life's ambition to create a fairground ride that everyone would enjoy.

From an early age Pip accompanied his uncle in his work, a mechanic at the local fairground. This enchanted Pip and he became fascinated with the rides. Unfortunately, Pip's parents were too poor to send him to school so the young genius studied engineering in the evenings. He was often found asleep at his desk with engineering books under his head. As he grew older he started to design rides for people to enjoy.

At the age of 22 he had his first major breakthrough, his first new ride. It was called "The Flying Saucers" and it consisted of several giant discs spinning vertically up a high pole. People started flocking to see the new invention and to ride high into the sky.

The new invention proved so popular that it won Pip Davenport the 'British Inventors Award' for outstanding originality.

In 1887 Pip brought us his greatest invention, "The Stallions!" Wooden horses which galloped along a track racing wth the other horses over water, jumps and pretend fences, they even went through dark tunnels.Evryone agreed that this was truly remarkable and a revolutionary new addition to the fairgrounds of Britain.

When Pip was 60 he retired from his job at the fairground and started writing books instead.His first book was called 'The Call for Fun' and was about how he first started his career as a fairground inventor.

Twenty years after his book was published the greatest of fairground rides sadly passed away. It was a massive loss to the world of fairgrounds. But still now almost a hundred and fifty years after he died his rides are still loved by many people. His legacy to us all is so much fun and enjoyment.

By Martha