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Changing the way you start a sentence.


There are actually lots of different ways to start a sentence. The trick is to learn how to use them all. Come back often to see if you are using all of them. It makes for more varied and interesting writing.


'ING' Clause

Seizing the knife, Lyra cut Eric free.


Jumping up, Sam lashed out his captors.


Notice the need for the , after the first clause.


Use a verb with -ed
an -ed clause


Amazed, he stood stock still with his mouth wide open, like a goldfish


Suprised by the bang, Jane stopped.


Use a simile


Like a fish, she dived into the water.


Like sea defences, the mast stood firm against the wind.


Like a butterfly, she floated from flower to flower.


Use an adverb


Slowly, the giant climbed up the cliff.


Carefully, he opened the lid.


Use a preposition


above - across - after - at - before - behind - below - beneath - beside - between - by - down - for - from - inside - in - near - of - off - over - through - to -towards - under - up - with


Above the clouds, the sun shone brightly and he could see for miles.


Behind the sofa, the children huddled for fear of the cybermen.


Use a connective


While the train stood at the station, the mice snuck under the barrier and climbed aboard.


Meanwhile the cat ran up and down the platform trying to spot them.

Alan peat sentences (2) from Whetley